So you all know I love to share quotes and inspiration on here...

But this is one of my favourite yet. 🦋💛

You are doing amazing! Xx

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about 2 years

This is so true. I used to think that life was a rush and that If i didn’t achieve immediately I had failed. I have learnt not to put pressure on myself. Some of my greatest achievements have been made with small steps, patience and time. Through so much stress, trauma and self loathing I have learnt to brush this aside and the best of life is gained through love, care, consideration and time. Little things sometimes are worth so much value and are the building blocks for the greatest wonderful possibilities in life. X

about 2 years

My baby loves being read the hungry caterpillar and this quote is exactly what that teaches us! If we can just give ourselves time we can all blossom into beautiful butterflies!