Good afternoon Glow Girls 💛

How is everyone feeling this monday? I am well and truly getting back on it this week. Aiming to go to a fitness class each day, as I've been lacking on the excercise recently. 🙊

I would love to catch up with you guys though and see how you are doing.

If you comment below what week of the Glow Guides programme you are on and what your favourite dish is from the programme, so far.
If you arent on the programme yet, I would still love to know how you are doing on your own journey!!

For any lovely new Glow Girls, please don't hesitate to ask any questions, as this is what the community is for. Helping support each other, embarking on our own, special journeys. 😘

Any way, thats enough from me, I'd love to hear about you!


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Madeleine Shaw
about 2 years

Yay thank you @teeny xxx

about 2 years

The Asian style salmon with sweet potato wedges is one of my quick and easy ‘go to’s’ it’s so simple and delicious!!

Madeleine Shaw
about 2 years

@bethgray93 @glow lifestyle @DariaN @Angela1 thank you lovelies! ❤️❤️

about 2 years

I find munching on almonds helps with the need for sugar.

about 2 years

Hi! I'm doing the vegan plan, week 4 and exercising at the gym. Sugar is still a big problem. I don't miss dairy or gluten but can't get over the need for something sweet :(

glow lifestyle
about 2 years

I love the glow guides yoga and meditation. I am starting to be able to get into some of the more challenging poses like wheel it's motivating me and I'm feeling stronger! 💪🏼 the program is such a good value, thank you! 😘

about 2 years

Hi Madeleine, currently on week 2 after getting the Glow Guides for my birthday from my husband to be (just under 12 weeks to go until the big day!) I really enjoyed the chilli and pea omelette on Saturday and LOVED the beetroot risotto! X