I love a delicious, summer smoothie to start a saturday, leaves me feeling energised and glowy ☀️😁

What do you like in your smoothie? I need some inspiration ladies.

Lots of love and have a fab weekend. xxx

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about 2 years

Apples, beetroot, spinach and Hemp powder, also add turmeric and cinnamon

about 2 years

Blueberries, oats, banana and almond milk. Porridge on the go!

Ida-Sofia Vihersaari
about 2 years

Mint, avocado, almond milk, stevia, green powder and cacao nibs 👌🏻

about 2 years

Yum 😋

about 2 years

No matter what I have I always put a handful of spinach in. It doesn’t affect the taste and it’s just a little bit more of goodness 👍🏻

about 2 years

I like dates cocoa and banana with peanut butter 👌🏻