Has anyone else joined who is a vegetarian? I've been really tempted to buy the glow guide, but not sure if it'll be worth it as I see meat and fish are used quite a lot? Please advise :)

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Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

We're working on a veg meal plan so stay tuned. You can substitute the meat or fish for veg too which would be delicious! 😘

over 4 years

I'm not following the plan 100% yet, I'm working through the veggie recipes and doing some of the workouts but I'm holding off until the vegetarian plan is added to go full in. I would say it's still worth it without having the veggie plan just now as there are a lot of dishes

over 4 years

I'm a vegetarian and I've been using Madeline's website to get a lot of yummy veggie recipes. The videos on there make it very easy to follow and enable to make.

over 4 years

I'm veg and have been replacing the meat with paneer or halloumi cheese and tofu, works beautifully. I realise the cheese doesn't fit with the no dairy ethos but I'm ok with that. I guess quorn or maybe mushrooms would work for some recipes too? Anyway I am enjoying it but am letting myself be a bit flexible with the cooking X X

over 4 years

Aw ok brilliant, I also have the book and have been following that a while now! Thank you :) X

Frances Newton
over 4 years

I'm a vege too. But I do eat salmon on occasion. I just substitute other meals out of the book (Get the Glow) or other recipes. I hesitated about getting the app too, but I've found it so motivating this week. It's re-focused my mindset and I love having a plan, and especially the yoga sessions. It's just a complete plan, even if u dip in and out!!!!