Popping in to say hello and see how you all are... ❤️

What week are you on?

Madeleine xx

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14 days

Anyone here?

over 1 year

Hi do people still use this app anymore? Community traffic and posts seem very few?

Gillian Hennessy
over 1 year

Hi Emily I’ve had trouble with the app too (changed phones so got logged out). Had to delete the app & re-install but once I logged back in, I was able to access everything as before.

Emily Stephens
over 1 year

Hi Madeleine, I wanted to post this on “support page” or FAQ but that page doesn’t seem to load. I bought your lovely GLOW GUIDE APP when you first released it back in Jan 2016 for £80 and started the programme then but life got in the way and now I want to come back to it to start again yet I’m getting a message saying I need to pay again for the app another £40 in order to access any of the programme content. I’m confused as I was under the impression that when I paid in that first time I would become a lifelong member? Hope you or one of your team can help me out. I’m a huge fan of yours and need your inspiration back in my life!
Thank you 🙏
Emily Xx

about 2 years

Oh Madeleine I struggle! I am such a busy person so started off on week one really well but then lost it. I got a notification from the app today so am going to start again and try to keep going.

about 2 years

not related but it's great you have an instragram page with what Shay eats. very inspirational as are all your receipes that can all be adapted to family friend meals. my nine year old daughter loves your porridge with pears pistachios nuts and pomengrantes seeds. x