I’m going to start this again Monday, anyone doing the same ?

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over 1 year

Yes! My ways have slipped since completing the first time and my gut is not happy 🙁. Time to get back on it. 💪

over 1 year

Hi Lauren, I’ve started for the first time this week - it’s been a bit of a soft start; I’m using up a lot of the stuff I already have in the house in order to make recipes primarily from Madeleine’s blog. Once I’ve run out of food in the house, I’m going to do a big shop and officially start on week one of the meal plan. In the meantime, I’m staring on the workouts and meditations.

How are you planning to start? Are you diving straight in on Monday? And have you used the plan before? This is my first time, so I’m keen to find out other people’s thoughts.

Good luck to you! 😘