Hello!! I hope you are doing all really well!
I’m a bout to start the program having tried some of the recipes to finish what I had in the fridge. Do any of you know if it’s ok to switch and swap recipes from one week to an other?
Thank you 😊😊

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Ottavia Dora Lo Sardo
over 1 year

Tank you Angela!!!
I was looking at the program a bit better and saw that the workouts get harder but that her book is suggested so if I stick to now sugar I hope it’s ok to go with what recipe is best for time of year and no waste!

over 1 year

Hi, I've never tried but I can't see it would be a problem as once you start you may realise the plan is subtley changing your attitude to food and your taste buds. I now cook and eat completely differently to how I did a year ago. That's how it's worked for me.