Hi everyone, I did the plan a while ago now and ended up finding out I was pregnant a few weeks after starting. Now I want to lose stubborn baby weight (youngest is 1and a half 😱) Can I ask if people have had weight loss doing the plan? Not sure I’d have time for the exercises although I usually do a 15 minute hiit in morning and 20-30 mins yoga in evenings so could try and juggle it. Would appreciate any tips, thanks xxx

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Patricia Pereira1
about 1 year

I've lost some weight in form of water retention, bloatedness and feel overal better. I have at times reduced my portions to ensure Im still getting nutrients but not overeating any of the recipes. give it a go! Good luck!

about 1 year

Hi Joanne, are you still doing the programme? I’m in the same boat with an 18 month and hoping to get my confidence back. Hope you’re finding the time and enjoying it! X

Joanne M
over 1 year

Thanks, think I’ll do the same as well. Xx

over 1 year

Hi Joanne, I didn’t lose weight last time I tried it but I think it was because I didn’t do the exercise. I’m starting again tomorrow but counting calories on the side plus doing daily exercise this time. I’m trying to lose the baby weight too!