Does anyone have snacks like fruit on the glow plan? I get really hungry sometimes, especially when it's the time of the month.

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Pindi Pindi
4 months


Julie Balle Mieritz
7 months

you can make a smoothie with fruit and yogurt and froze it down then u get a kinda ice cream that's healthy

over 1 year

I have a little pot of mixed nuts, pumpkin seeds and dark chocolate, sometimes a date or raisins too to balance things, oh and whatever fruit I fancy at the the time and have! I try to listen to my body!

Patricia Pereira1
over 1 year

I normally have roasted almonds in a little tapperware I carry in my bag. Just a handful so that I dont over indulge that tends to help. During the time of the month, I have a couple squares of dark choc in my bag too.