Hi thought I would pop back here after a long time away and oh so sad it seems like everything has come to a halt! Is anyone still doing this programme? Is there still feedback from maddie? It doesn’t look like it....😳😒

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about 1 month

I thought the same! There don’t seem to have been any updates for some time now. It’s a shame but at least everything is still working and the community can still post. Maybe Madeline will start it up again. I guess Instagram gets a lot of the posts. Nice to see some people are still here. It’s inspired me to start the yoga /exercise/meditation again as I loved those. 😊

nat newton
3 months

I'm just starting!

7 months

I still use the program but not as a whole, it's just too difficult with a family (my family 😆?)

8 months

I’m starting next week ! Reset is needed and this program is amazing ! I’m doing the veggie one :)

Gill Wightman
8 months

I'm starting it again

10 months

I’m starting again as well; loved this programme in the past!!

10 months

I'm doing the programme again as I've found it so valuable in the past. Whether there are new people I'm not sure.