I'm going to start week one next week, anyone starting then too? I would love to buddy up with someone/or a group so we can motivate each other!

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Madeleine Shaw
almost 4 years

Hope you enjoy it!!! 😍

about 4 years

I think I'm in too...! We can do this 👍🏼

about 4 years

I'm also starting Sunday! ✌🏻️ we can do this!

about 4 years

i start at sunday too 😊

Lynn Watkinson
about 4 years

I will be starting on Sunday too! I don't know why I feel excited nervous..... Excitement in it will be so good to get going but nerves because with shopping lists, meals plans, exercise daily etc all put on a plate if I can't do it and stick to it then it's really down to me. Probably have excused away a few diet plans as too busy... I don't have the ingredients etc eeeeek!!

about 4 years

Now that I know other people are I'm in! Xx

about 4 years

I'm starting Sunday too! I'm 30 in 9 weeks so something to aim for!!

about 4 years

I'm starting Sunday too! 😀

about 4 years

I'm starting this Sunday as well 😀

about 4 years

I'm starting on Monday, can't wait to do a full shop on Sunday

about 4 years

Me too! Starting this Sunday

about 4 years

I'm starting next week too!! I go back to university at the weekend so I can have control over the cooking! My parents aren't a fan of healthy eating at all :/

Jo Stovell
about 4 years

I've only just discovered the app, but I'm looking forward to starting Monday! 😊

about 4 years

I'm starting then! :) I've been trying out a few of the recipes this week, but from Sunday onwards I'm going full out!