Hey everyone, how are you all today?

Have you hit that midweek slump? If so, I wanted to remind you why you’ve embarked on this journey with me: You’re doing this to TRANSFORM!! To upgrade your lifestyle, long-term; to heal your gut, banish unhealthy cravings and unhelpful thoughts; to get strong, flexible and lean; to shed those unwanted pounds and feel sexy, empowered and confident: to GLOW!!
The Glow Guides Programme has carefully chosen recipes, workout and yoga videos plus guided meditations for every single day of the 8 week plan, with each week building on the last. I’ve taken care of it all so you don’t have to worry. It’s an EPIC amount of content because you deserve it - so if you’ve not yet committed to the full programme, do it today. Join the Glow Squad! xxx

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over 4 years

Absolutely loving it. Starting to feel a difference today 😊 after always snubbing yoga I can honestly say I'm a concert! It hurts but by the end I feel good. I went through a slump yesterday but back feeling motivated today, week 1/8 nearly done 💪🏻👏🏻

over 4 years

I love this programme! The recipies are delish and filling and the workouts are great,challenging,but not to overtiring at the same time and as a dancer I love those yogaworkouts! I'd never thought I'd enjoy the meditations,as I'm not good at all in standing still and breathing,but it makes a massive difference to my day-I'm so happy all day long,energised and I can feel yet,that I breathe deeper! My sleep improved aswell over the last days! I'm amazed!❤️

over 4 years

Totally agree if this could continue past the 8weeks that would be great. I am loving it and I never thought I would say that.

over 4 years

Hi Madeleine,

Want to say how impressed I am with this app and how much I am enjoying the programme and all of the content.

I have a couple of questions I'd love to hear from you on...

Are there any plans for this app to continue long term? It would be amazing if new workouts, meditations and recipes could be posted each month for a monthly membership fee?

I've always been a keen exerciser but have, in the past gone overboard with it...training hard by lifting heavy weights, running long distances and doing super high impact stuff, exercising every day for up to 90 mins. This kept me looking fit but it did feel gruelling at times. I'm now returning to exercise post pregnancy and am loving the workouts but will I really see results...it almost seems too good to be true ...I think I've been brainwashed to believe that the only way to get real results is by doing more, more and more super challenging high impact workouts.

Thank you

Emma jane
over 4 years

Loving the program, thank you. Even hubby is enjoying it and he's very fussy. Enjoying the variety in the work outs too. Thank you.

over 4 years

Ive found it difficult to adhere to eating program as its been sooo hot here in Adelaide. Still eating clean however and loving rest of content. 😄

Emily Jane
over 4 years

I'm a absolutely loving the program so far. My boyfriend also did the yoga class with me. It was the first time he's tried yoga and he loved it! He's got the yoga bug now :) X

over 4 years

I find eating chickpeas dry don't know if it's the type I'm using but houmous is delicious

over 4 years

I needed to hear that, yes I've hit a mid week slump! Already feeling and seeing changes though :-)

over 4 years

Starting the program on Sunday, so excited!! Already had a look through all the content looks fab! Can't wait xx

over 4 years

Hi Madeline , who knew chickpeas could taste so good! Just a note to say it's taking me ages to work out how to comment here! I know now it's as simple as tapping the picture....but I know others were not sure either? Maybe worth mentioning in the next live stream?