Major sugar binge tonight after three brill days (recovering bulimic) what set it
Off is stepping on the scale and seeing I had t lost any weight. Trying really hard to stop "dieting" and just eat healthily. Tomorrow is a fresh start!!

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Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Keep going babe a little slip is so Normal X

over 4 years

I messed up yesterday too, chocolate covered marshmallows were my downfall! It happens. Don't let it drive you to being sick, stay strong and let's get through today together xxxx

Claire Martin
over 4 years

I slipped and had a croissant while in a long client meeting, took it on the chin and think tomorrow is another day to do better !!

over 4 years

Hi Hannah. I have bulimia too. I've had to ban myself from scales I get upset too looking at the scales. The only thing I notice is my clothes and stomach feeling lighter

over 4 years

Keep going. I am viewing it as a change for life having been a total sugar junkie, creme egg for breakfast and as many people pigs as I could find. The food is delicious and that is what is keeping me going. Have faith in yourself and start tomorrow afresh.