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An unknowing close up but I can see the glow whilst working out - it's working already!!

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Madeleine Shaw
almost 3 years

Beautiful X

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almost 3 years

I wish I could say the same! Yesterday a huge cold sore popped up!

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Von Tivey
almost 3 years

You look great and glowing! I am feeling loads better - exciting!!!! 💃🏻

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Lynn Watkinson
almost 3 years

Yep definitely glowing!!

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almost 3 years

Me too! I put a dress on this morning and I was 2 belt sizes down! My skin is less greasy and I have so much energy! I love this programme. Keep it up!

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Awaken My Spirit
almost 3 years

I noticed this too today on my skin... 👍💗

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almost 3 years

keep it up Charlotte, you have the glow power.