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Hey girls I'm at home experimenting with new recipes for the app! What's been your favourite recipes so far?

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almost 3 years

Salmon was devine 😋 the chicken and cashew nut stir fry was also a total winner 🎉

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Kayleigh Kirby
almost 3 years

More grab and go breakfasts please. I need to get to work quite early so making eggs in the morning is a little challenging. Especially as my body isn't always quite ready to eat that early ☺️

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almost 3 years

Could you do a Mexican flavoured type dish ? Black bean avocado coriander type thing . Loved the chicken cashew stir fry and living the turmeric rice milk

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almost 3 years

The Salmon dish for me was the best but also loving all the breakfasts & the Date and Almond Balls X

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Jo Round
almost 3 years

The salmon was totally delicious .... more Asian style recipes please x x

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almost 3 years

The chicken cashew stir fry was super yummy and filling👍🏻

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Helen Jayne Walker
almost 3 years

Chickpea curry and the salmon was very good. Loving every bit of eating this week, I feel like my body is waking up for the first time in years. Thank you xxx

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almost 3 years

The Asian salmon with green beans and sweet potato by far!

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almost 3 years

A common them but the salmon is lovely and liked the chicken stir fry. Would love some alternatives to eggs for breakfast as can't eat them! Thanks X

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almost 3 years

Salmon all the way. Can you help me Maddie. I have just recovered from anorexia and am doing really well. I am eating a healthy balanced diet which consists of healthy carbs, fats , lots of veg, fruit, and protein in the form of eggs, chicken and fish. I posted a picture of my dinner on Instagram and it was chicken, and I recirved some really nasty comments from some vegans who said I should not be eating chicken and fish as I will get cancer and it is unhealthy. Now I am so confused as I thought it can be part of a healthy diet , especially as I work out in the gym quite a lot the protein helps me recover (I can't have beans etc cos I have bad IBS). I'm really upset as I believe I am living and eating healthily now but these people have told me I'm completely wrong. I buy good quality chicken from my local butcher and my fish is always fresh. Can you give me any advice X X

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almost 3 years

Salmon! Soooooo tasty

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almost 3 years

The salmon and sweet potato.
Just watched your vlog which was great. Can you let me know which brand of Rye bed and spelt crackers you recommend? Thanks

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almost 3 years

Hey Maddy. The salmon was delicious!! Especially for lunch the next day. The chickpea curry was much tastier than I'd expected and I'm currently cooking up the chicken and cashews - which smell fab!

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almost 3 years

The roasted chicken and I'm sure the beetroot risotto will be a winner,though I didn't try it yet,as there were too many leftovers! Another drink than turmeric milk for breakfast would be amazing,I don't know,although I love turmeric as a spice I can't have the taste as a drink...

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Emma jane
almost 3 years

Salmon is definitely a winner so far. I have loved every menu so difficult to pick. We have a family of a lot of red meat (which I love and enjoy) but it's nice to have such a variety.

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almost 3 years

Salmon and sweet potato is mine 😋

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almost 3 years

salmon all the way 😋

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almost 3 years

Salmon!! But I'm loving the picture you uploaded- what's that!!

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Emily Jane
almost 3 years

The chick pea curry was amazing and I made the detox soup from your website as a replacement for one of the meals as I'm a vegan. More soups and vegan recipes would be amazing X

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almost 3 years

Salmon and the chickpea curry!