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hello girls have a dilema i love sweet/cold stuff for breakfast like cereal, overnights oats but i think i end up putting way to much stuff dont get me wrong i love them but im trying to lose some weight, i put: 1/2 cup oficiales oats, 1/2 cup of almond milk, 1 tablespoon of chia seeds, 1 tea spoon of agave, 1 tea spoon of almond butter, 1 tea spoon of flax seeds and 1/2 banana and leave the m overnight,,,,,

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Madeleine Shaw
almost 3 years

Hello, all these ingredients are great! You can use my meal plans on the app which are all dietician approved and balanced, so no need to worry about calories 😘

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almost 3 years

What about sun warrior vanilla protein, it will add a little sweetness and also increase the protein a lot.

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almost 3 years

I would use honey or maple syrup in stead of agave her book says avoid agave. My dietician makes me have half oats and large glass of milk in it. Dunno size of large glass though

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almost 3 years

Cinnamon def is a winner and rice milk!

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almost 3 years

Madeleine recommends cinnamon. Have you tried the recipe from this week? X

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almost 3 years

i know what how can i cut it but still be sweet?

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almost 3 years

That's quite a lot of extra cals and sugar...agave is still sugar! X