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Is it me or do the Date & Almond Balls taste sweeter as the week goes on? Maybe my taste buds are readjusting!

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Madeleine Shaw
almost 3 years

You will start to taste food differently as your taste buds change. It's amazing you will start to find sweetness in sweet potatoes and fruit that you might have not felt before ❤️

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almost 3 years

Yes!! I think their flavor develops. It almost reminds me of the inside of a cinnamon roll. So so good! Was thinking of making the apricot, walnut and lavender ones!

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almost 3 years

Yes I have thought that as well.

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almost 3 years

Didn't notice that they tasted sweet anyway cos there dates

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almost 3 years

Same here!

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Von Tivey
almost 3 years

I thought that too!