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Best part about the weekend….EGGS! I just devoured this chilli and pea omelette. The key to making a great omelette? A really hot pan, well whisked eggs and the right seasoning! Anyone else got top tips? Share them with the glow squad xxx

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almost 3 years

I'm so bad at making an omelette! I actually stick it under the grill to finish it off! Xoxo

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almost 3 years

A good seasoned omelette pan makes all the difference - also let my kale and peas soften a bit before I chucked them into the omelette ;)

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almost 3 years

Loved it! So funny, my sister came round after and said the house smelt of kale so I had to light a candle. I hadn't noticed!

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Frances Newton
almost 3 years

Just about to make mine! Will let you know how it goes ❤️

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Emma jane
almost 3 years

Very tasty change. Wouldn't very of thought of this combination x

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almost 3 years

mine just turned in to some very tasty scrambled eggs ! what did i do wrong ?