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Lots of prepping to do tonight Squad!! Who’s on top of it? I’m just stewing my apples for the week and making my coconut and date bites, then I’ll prep my oats after I’ve had dinner. I haven’t had corn on the cob for ages and I’m stupidly excited about it - it always reminds me of being a little girl again, getting butter all over my face - only now it’s avocado oil ;-) I think we might just curl up on the sofa tonight - Keiran and I are Netflix addicts, especially on cold Sunday evenings like today. Ideal. xxx PS if you want to ask Ki a question, buy the Glow Guides programme and tune in to my next live broadcast...

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almost 3 years

Morning all week 1 for me got all my prep done Sunday afternoon and looking forward to week ahead!! Happy Monday 🤗

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almost 3 years

Prep done 👊👌

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Shereen Proctor
almost 3 years

All prepped and ready to roll, week 2 bring it on! 💪🙏💕 xx

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almost 3 years

Stewed apples done, oats for tomorrow prepped (didn't use the amount of milk in the recipe just seems too much), coconut and date balls in the freezer to prevent snacking and I've also made the beef and carrot stew as I won't have time tomorrow. Soak in the tub planned as my treat for a healthy week. Thank you so much for creating this app. The content is amazing and the community you are creating even more so. L xx

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almost 3 years

I even put condensed milk onto my corn when I was little! 😂 x!