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Craving chocolate today! We still have lots left from Christmas and it's staring at me. I've managed to not cave, though, and had a couple of dates instead. 😊

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Madeleine Shaw
almost 3 years


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almost 3 years

Thanks, everyone! I'm looking into ordering some Ombar - will try different flavours. ☺

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almost 3 years

I could have 2 squares limit ? Madeleine craved chocolate yesterday and she had a ombar they are lovely dairy and gluten free too.

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Susan McGarrigle
almost 3 years

Well done for not caving... It's hard. We've still got loads left as well...

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Asha Chhaya
almost 3 years

Maybe try the ombar chocolates - they're amazing I think there's one called coco mylk that's my favourite, madeline recommends them! Xx

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almost 3 years

I bought some dark choc almond milk and I have been frothing it in my nespresso like a hot chocolate drink when I get a chocolate craving. Not strictly on-plan but better than hitting the Christmas stash! I'm hoping my husband polishes off our choccies soon 😁

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almost 3 years

Well done!! I'm fortunate that I got rid of all mine before starting on my journey to glow

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almost 3 years

it's hard we have loads too, I've popped all of it in a tin out of site out of mind. 😀