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Ok I admit defeat, I can't cook omelettes. They give me kitchen Tourette's. It's not a looker but it tastes pretty good.

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Susan McGarrigle
almost 3 years

Yours looks amazing. Hubby, usually a very good omelette maker, made mine. It was scrambled eggs with peas! Tasted good tho!

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Lynn Marie Thomas
almost 3 years

Mine always end up as strange scrambled eggs . Will check out delia thanks

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Emma jane
almost 3 years

Still looks fab. I forgot the almonds, doh.

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almost 3 years

Thanks for the love ladies. Here's to the omelette novices. We can do this 💪🏻

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almost 3 years

It was my first ever omelette! Thanks for the Delia tip. I'll check that out.

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almost 3 years

Thank you soooooo much, I'm exactly the same with omelettes. Spent most of my time whist cooking mine thinking it's just as well I'm good with numbers as Chef/cook was never going to be on my list of potential careers!

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almost 3 years

It looks great! Delia Smith has a fab video for nailing omelettes on her website. Solved my omelette Tourette's problem! ;)