So I've had a pretty bad couple of days, (since Thursday!) and I was doing so well! Now I'm feeling meh and extremely tired, with little energy today! Like I could fall asleep at any minute.... 😴😴😴
Also, does anybody still have some ingredients left over?! 😬

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Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Hi Kate, we all have days like that just keep going and be strong and you'll come out the other side glowing! I believe in you 😘

over 4 years

I'm the same. Had a total binge yesterday and spent today on the sofa barely moving! I blame the sugar!!! Hope you feel better tomorrow 😊 x

Kate Louise Mulholland
over 4 years

I think it's when I eat sugar! 😕 and chips! 😬 I have IBS, (so I spend most of my days bloated and my stomach hurting) I can't have cows milk or wheat anyway, or a lot of chocolate, plus a lot of other things! But now I am finding, well I'm not too sure actually, but I think sugar doesn't help.... I actually didn't have a lot of it anyway, but I have days where I am super tired, too the point where I can't do much. So I'm not too sure if it's sugar which my body needs or not....😐. Anyway I'm still managing it, as I'm sure you've guessed! 😄 Thank you Emma Jane! X

Emma jane
over 4 years

I was super sleepy the 1st few days blamed the baby and toddler but think my body was getting rid of the toxins etc. Don't worry start a fresh tomorrow with us all. You can do this. I have very little food left just extra bits due to catering extra for the family. x