Oh no ..... Not so good today - had 3 dough balls and half a flake yogurt.... Oh and one glass of red wine 😢 feel sad..... Motivated for tomorrow though!! 💪

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Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Hi Von, don't be disheartened we all have slip ups. It's how we mean to go on and we can continue glowing in the morning, you've got this! 😘

over 4 years

Don't feel sad! Life's too short. The important thing is you're doing what you can when you can. We all deserve a treat now and then. Especially in January!

Von Tivey
over 4 years

Thanks guys - feeling a bit less bad now 😘

over 4 years

I think it also helps to think you would have had previously. Before last week would you have only had one glass of wine? Would it only have been half the yoghurt? I know it wouldn't have been for me. So even if you've gone off plan you're probably still eating better than normal. Be proud of how much you have done and try not to dwell on what you consider slips 😀

over 4 years

Those are minor offences compared to my week of slip ups, trip ups and downright face plants as far as keeping on plan goes. We are all human and it's been a tough first week adjusting. Clean slate tomorrow, keep going 💪🏻

over 4 years

Everyone slips up time to time. It's learning curve it's one day tomorrow a new day I