I have the book and it's great but could do with a little more guidance for a beginner. There are two things that stump me. The first is where certain specialist ingredients can be bought as some cannot be found just in your local supermarket? The second is why e.g why certain teas and not others (you do not promote green tea in your book for example)... Why turmeric milk every morning on your meal plan? If the health benefits of the choices you are encouraging were explained, I think this would help.

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over 4 years

Ocado the online supermarket do everything! I've never had a problem getting any of the ingredients in Madeline's book from them.

over 4 years

Wait rose and sainsburys sell avocado oil.

The others will be found in other Holland and Barrett or if u have a discount health shop

over 4 years

Hi there. I find that it depends what your supermarket is. Our local is Morrisons and they don't seem to stock the fancier ingredients so I find I have to go to Sainsburys sometimes too. Also, Holland and Barratt are quite good and I've ordered from Amazon too before. If you have a Costco card or know someone who does, you can usually bulk buy things like quinoa and coconut oil and it works out cheaper. Hope this helps.

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Thanks for that the turmeric milk is very calming and good for anti-inflammatory and full of antioxidants. All herbal teas are allowed through out! X