Am I the only one who has lost no weight? It seems unfair as I did all the exercises as well as my running as I train fir a marathon; I ran 45km and walked 34km last week... Anyway, it is not all about weight loss and I feel much better though I am happy! Let's glow...

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over 5 years

This will be my 6th marathon... It is so hard losing weight while endurance training! I would love be to lose 5kg but weight hasn't bulge in the last 3 years and inches are very very slowly coming down... I think to lose weight I need to stop endurance events but I love them too much! I did 2 marathons and 3 100k runs last year. Have 3 marathons booked for this year already... Feeling good is what's important for me and I signed up for the yoga and relaxation and I love them!

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It's all individual. U will in time. I don't rely on scales I just rely on noticing my clothes are looser

Awaken My Spirit
over 5 years

exactly totally agree you are building muscle and that weighs more than fat....

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You're building muscle mass. When I trained for my first marathon I hardly lost any weight but my body shape changed tremendously.
Try not to look at the scales. You're getting stronger the healthy way, which is really great! 💪👟👟

over 5 years

I've not lost any weight, I just want to tone - so don't feel deflated! Here's to you for training for a marathon - that's incredible, I've only ever managed a half (just). 🙌🙌