Has anyone been getting bad headaches since they started last week? I was feeling great at the beginning of week 1 but persistent headaches have changed that now.. I don't drink coffee so it can't be from withdrawing that and I'm drinking more water than normal - does anyone have any idea what might be causing the headaches/any solutions welcomed!?

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over 4 years

You can drink a glass of celery juice first thing in the morning. It will help to get rid of any headaches or migraines. And a big glass of coconut water too. It strengthens the blood, helps circulation and hydrates like nothing else.
Wish you get better

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Yes sugar withdrawal ! Do you have tiger balm or the natural equivalent ? Rub it on your temples it helps relieve headaches

Gabrielle Amelia Reeves
over 4 years

Thank you for the advice everybody 😀

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I have had a headache all week which was relieved after the exercise and yoga. I thought it might be withdrawal as the target Madeleine set was to give up sugar, which can be hidden in a lot of foods. I increased my fluid intake encase I wasn't drinking enough. Today is the first day I don't have a headache.

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Probably the sugar withdrawal

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Sugar withdrawal? That always does it for me - lasts about 48hrs on & off then goes!