Has anyone put on weight??!!! I was eating healthily after Xmas whilst I waited for this plan to come out and lost 2lbs, now have been following this plan for a week and put on a 1lb. Enjoying the plan, love the food but really disheartened as I am overweight 😓

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Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Don't be disheartened babe the programme is there to create the healthiest version of yourself! You're doing brilliantly! Xxx

over 4 years

Thanks guys. I could probably do with drinking more water as I struggle with this so that could help with possible water retention. Maybe better luck next week - perhaps body has to adapt.

over 4 years

That be water retention, muscle fat

over 4 years

I wouldn't worry I think one pound up is just timing probably - see how it is next week

over 4 years

Weight fluctuates a lot so don't worry! My weight fluctuates by 3-5 pounds in a day!