As some of you may have spotted on my Instagram today, @OriginsUK have made me their official Glow Girl for 2016! I have been using their products since I was a teenager so it's a dream come true! I am partnering with them on the app and they even let me create my own Glow Kit featuring lots of my favourite products (see pic). I will also be creating my first mini series with them, packed full of lots of expert tips and inspiration for getting that healthy glow, inside and out - and sharing it right here first, with all premium users in the app! #originsuk #glowguides #discoverorigins

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Rachel Flynn
about 5 years

Congratulations Maddy! This sounds great! Can't wait to hear more! X

about 5 years

Congratulations! You deserve it after all your hard work... Very tempted to try those...

Emma jane
about 5 years

Yay congratulations. I think I'm going to treat myself once my current on runs out. Just wondering now turning 30 do I need to treat my skin a bit more? Loving this app thank you for creating it x

Jo Round
about 5 years

Fabulous news Madeleine ..... I am loving the products and have noticed a huge change in my skin in just five days !! ❤️