Live stream was fab, it was so nice to hear maddie say that it is ok to have a treat once in a while it is not going to kill you. We get so obsessed with healthy eating sometimes that it can take over our lives. It was also nice to hear her talk about the big "gluten myth" and reveal that actually it's not evil if you eat it in good quality food such as sourdough bread etc. So many of us cut it out because it is seen as "the in thing to do". Only people with intolerance need to cut it out. I love how down to earth maddie is and how she is a normal lady who does not pretend to be this perfect robot like so many do

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Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years


over 4 years

Hear hear 💕

over 4 years

Totally agree, Madeleine is amazing!

over 4 years

I'm with you there 😜

Rachel Flynn
over 4 years

Totally agree @jenhamer! She is fabulous! And such an inspiration! I just wish we could have her streaming live into our lives every night!!!! Campaign for daily episode starts now!! 😊