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Starting my morning with today’s yoga practice. Mmmm...doesn’t it feel good to stretch it out in the morning? If you’re finding it difficult just remember that it is called Yoga Practice for a reason - I guarantee you will get better, in your own way, and you will really start to feel the results if you just keep at it. Check out this beautiful picture of Shona practising in front of a sunset. We may not always have a view like this to inspire us so let’s just focus on inspiring one another. Have an amazing day Glow Squad xxx

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almost 3 years

Loved this mornings yoga practice ... Though found a few elements too fast and couldn't keep up. All in practice ! 💕

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almost 3 years

You two are so inspiring! I'd love to go there and do yoga! #feelinginspired Will you be posting up last nights live stream? X

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almost 3 years

Glorious way to start the morning!