Hello ladies. This is my first post :) j haven't started yet as in trying to eat the left over food in my fridge to start properly on Sunday but have been following the principles of eating wholesome food for about two weeks now and I can honestly say I can't wait to start the glow guides properly and see the results! Ive done all sorts of programs and diets in the past and the this just feels right and I have such a positive feeling about this and cannot wait to get started and share my journey with everyone. Love seeing everyone's post, it keeps me inspired and motivated :) hope you all have a lovely day! Ps: this was my breakfast this morning after a strength training session :) xxx

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Maira Sakai
over 4 years

Thank you!!! really excited 😁😍😍

Von Tivey
over 4 years

Good luck! You'll love it 😝😄💪

over 4 years

Welcome! This looks delicious. 😊