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I'm loving the program so far, the food is delicious and I feel amazing- apart from craving chocolate 😳Does anyone know if nakd bars are okay for snacking on instead of the date and almond balls? I haven't got a food processor to make them yet...

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Madeleine Shaw
almost 3 years

Hello lovely! Yes nakd bars are fine as a replacement, enjoy! Xx

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almost 3 years

I asked Madeleine if nakd bars were OK as a snack in an earlier post and she said they were!

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almost 3 years

Ombar coco mylk tastes amazing 🙌 better than normal milk chocolate and much healthier

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almost 3 years

Ombar chocolate on there website is 1.99 my health store was cheek and charged me more than that there yummy. http://www.ombar.co.uk/collections/all

I don't see why not interesting see what Madeleine says

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almost 3 years

I ordered some Ombar chocolate which came today, Madeleine had this make when she was craving chocolate it is raw. so if I have that chocolate craving I will be giving this a try. 🍫