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Have decided to take the plunge and buy the programme after reading all the amazingly positive comments. After wandering round the app and watching the live streams, I can't wait to get going on Sunday! Anyone else starting next week?

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almost 3 years

🙋🏼 I'm starting Sunday! Anyone want to buddy up?

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Madeleine Shaw
almost 3 years

Hey guys, this is amazing news and makes me so happy! I hope you love it, there's such a great community building so we're all here every step of that with you! You're going to be amazing! 😍😍

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almost 3 years

I will be starting on Sunday too, can't wait! especially for the yoga and meditation as this is new to me. Will be posting news soon! X

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almost 3 years

I'm planning on starting it Sunday too 😊

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Awaken My Spirit
almost 3 years

great to have you on board Amy, you wont regret it believe me 💗