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"Each morning we are born again, it's what we do today that matters most."

A little morning motivation for the glow squad! Don't be disheartened by anything you did or didn't do yesterday. Today is a new day! Own it like a boss! 🙋🏾💕🦄

Who's loving Burpees yet? (Yeah me neither ...) but they make us sweat and that gives us that G L O W that we're all here for.

Stick with it!

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Tiffany Topol
over 2 years

Yeah, I actually kind of ... LIKE burpees? Always have. It's the mountain climbers that I dread! UGGGGH. 😜

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over 2 years

I am the same, I like burpees but not mountain climbers! Love the quote, thank you Shona!

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over 2 years

Haha! Danielle! Me too!!!

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over 2 years

Great quote! 😊

I much prefer the burpees to the mountain climbers! 😧